Vivek Gosain

“Very nice.. soft nature and understanding and an excellent councilor !”


“Excellent, has a family touch. Cured my daughter completely .Thanks Dr Keerti”


“Dr Keerti is an experienced and well informed counselor who listens well and explains very well. She is very friendly and works towards supporting families and gives excellent guidance.”

Poorti Srivastava

“Dr Keerti is an excellent psychologist who really has an amazing aura both professionally and personally. It is my honor to have her as my teacher and guide for the past decade now. ..She has inspired me to follow in her footsteps ...Truly an angel, God bless her success and good luck... !”

Ratika Anand

“An amazing aura one feels right after entering her room. A humble humanitarian who would go out of her way to assist her clients. A beautiful endearing and energetic lady who is highly qualified blessed with a magnetic smile and is indeed Gods blessing. Highly Recommended!!!!!”

Swarna S Shetty

“Hi I would like share my personal experience with Dr Keerti . The day I got burst out, due to my personal problems and stress , I tried to approach many psychologists, at that moment I was badly in need of a person with whom I could share my feelings which had gone beyond my control, but none of the psychologist had patience to listen to me over the phone and give appointment. Finally I found Dr Keerti Sachdeva, at my first approach itself, she was very touchy and she consoled me over the phone not as a client but as a BEST FRIEND. So I request all psychologists kindly try spare 5mns of your valuable time before giving any appointment becoz first impression is the best impression and client whoever having any kind psychological issues,first should trust you with your sweet and inspirational words. Feelings and emotions cannot wait your scheduled appointment. It may disappear or might reach extremity..”